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Motion Base

The 7 axes MOTION BASE GIMBAL / STEWART PLATFORM consists of a 6 ‘degrees of freedom’ motion simulator fastened on top of a fast and powerful rotational base. All the axes are computer controlled and the geometry of the system allows the platform to be programmed in such a way as to accurately mimic the movements of creatures or vehicles etc.

When an actor is positioned on top of the platform, the motion produced will give a very believable appearance that the actor is interacting with the implied creature or vehicle. The whole system is portable enough to be transported in a truck and set up in a couple of hours.

Using our unique RIG CHASE software, virtual moves can be plotted and tested in advance thereby saving time on set. Alternatively a ‘Waldo’ is available which will allow an operator complete manual freedom to move the system “live” whilst still recording the motion. Any of the moves can then be re-played with complete motion control frame accurate repeatability.

The Motion Base Gimbal / Stewart Platform can be used in conjunction with any of our other motion control systems to achieve unrivaled realism of movement during the scene.