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Super Cyclops

Super Cyclops is the worlds largest and most advanced motion control system.  Situated within Green stage a purpose built effects stage within the Black Island studios complex at Park Royal West London. Cyclops speed and range of movement are unsurpassed by any other motion control system currently on the market.  Super Cyclops has a maximum operating height of 20ft (6 meters) and a reach of 13ft ( 3.9 Meters) with track speeds in excess of 3m per second. In its standard configuration Super Cyclops comes with 40ft (12 Meters) of custom precision rail and hydraulics which allow the system to move and be re positioned anywhere within the stage.  It also has the added advantage of a separate and longer 60ft (18 meters) of rail where longer tracking shots may be required.

Super Cyclops also comes complete with its own unique universal head which is fast rigid and able to accommodate all standard production cameras including traditional 35mm film camera digital red, Alexa, Phantom, Sony  as well as more specialised camera’s such as StereoScopics and DSLR.

Additional benefits of working with Super Cyclops;

CGI Interface.
Full CG and Pre-viz interface.  Super Cyclops is easily programmed via its custom user interface Flair software where moves are simple and easy to program store and implement including scaling, animation, time lapse, mimic and target tracking.  It is also easily programmable via standard 3D packages such as Maya, XSI, Studio Max for file import export and transfer back to 2D / 3D

Eiger Arm
Super Cyclops has also been specifically adapted to take the “ Eiger “carbon fibre crane arm which once attached increases its already impressive operating envelope to a max height of 30ft (9.1 Meters)

The Studio
Green stage is part of a 10 stage studio complex in west London.  The stage has a Cyc and infinity cove, lighting grid and three phase power. In house Lighting is supplied via Panalux and full packages are available which include Super Cyclops, lighting, cameras and lenses (please ask for further details). The studio has production offices, meeting rooms client area as well as hair make up and prop facilities. Full catering is available with a large kitchen and dinning area as well as drive in access and lots of ample parking. For bigger and more involved projects Super Cyclops can easily be transported between other stages within the Black Island complex.